Vibrational Kinesiology

The Dawson Program

Cam Dawson spent over 30 years rediscovering ancient knowledge which had  been lost in our society.

It is also known as Vibrational (Sound )Kinesiology.

It focuses on treating the cause, not the symptoms of problems.

How does it work?
Every living thing, including individual cells, is made
up of & is surrounded by energy fields.
There are 3 forms of electrical energy fields:

-how the energy enters the body,
-much like the electricity lines entering your home

-how the energy is moved around your body
-like the electrical wiring systems in your home

Auric fields
-the protective (warning of danger) & communication systems like 

the phone & security systems of your home. eg: if the 5th auric
field is out, you may be accident prone.

If any of these systems are not functioning correctly (are out of balance),

pressure is put on nerves or muscles and the physical structure of the body is altered so the body becomes prone to emotional, physical, psychological or learning problems.  

Once the reasons for the energy systems malfunctions are known (the subconscious mind knows the intent), the Dawson program uses sounds or frequencies to correct . These sounds are specific to particular energy systems & the physical body.

What can it help?
dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder, chronic fatigue, pain, heart conditions, some diabetic conditions, sleeping difficulties, eye & ear problems, depression, thyroid problems, skin conditions, eating disorders.

This method is non invasive, non- intrusive, painless,cheap, drug free & after an initial correction & follow up, allows you to be in control