Candling Workshop

Time: 20th February 2021 10am to 3pm

Place: St Leopards Vic 3223


Cost:   $330


Ear candling, which dates back as far as 2500 B.C, is a simple, effective method for removing wax, toxins, fungus, and other impactions from the ear canal through a process called convection. This time-proven therapy can be very effective in removing troublesome blockages from the ear without the use of solutions or probes, and is helpful for people with hearing problems, itchy ears, blocked sinuses, swimmers ear, vertigo, and more. 

During an ear candling Course you will learn how to safely candle any member of your family. You will be taught the ancient method of candling with full written instructions.  

The kit will include:-

3 candles, 2 cones, a sharpe pair of scissors, matches, cotton buds, tissues, Oil & precious stones.

Ear candling can be helpful for those who have sinus problems, hearing loss, headaches, ear infections, tinnitus or ringing of the ears, vertigo, excessive wax buildup, itchy ears, candida, brain fog, and more. 

There will be a followup course on Meridian Candling for anyone who is fascinated and interested after this course. 

Lunch, Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea will be provided.

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