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It is a proven fact that 85% of all illness' are due to an emotion. 

Through Vibrational Kinesiology I can unlock these stored emotions that may be making you ill.
Help you get your energy back so you are more equipped in dealing with the everyday emotions, stress and relationships with other people.

Try this ancient art form that had been lost in Western society.


Besides our physical body, we have an energetic body. The 3 main energy systems are Auric Fields, Chakra and Meridians.

Stress, emotional overload can cause a blockage in your energy system, throwing your physical body out which then impacts on your organs, glands, cells and 3 nerves systems.

Symptoms of Stress

  • Sleeplessness

  • Frequent headaches, neck pain

  • Finding ourselves overreacting to small challenges and intrusions

  • Strongly repetitive or obsessive thinking

  • Feeling of anxiety or dread, of being overwelmed

  • Overeating or overindulgence in alcohol, etc  

(from Christina Feldman "Meditation plain and simple)

I have been a clinical practitioner for Dawson Program "Vibrational Kinesiology" for the past

11 years.


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